Press Release
Invincible Safes presents Gladiator Challenge’s ‘NIGHT OF THE HEAVYWEIGHTS’ at the remodeled Colusa Casino Resort. Simply the best mixed martial arts event in the world, Gladiator Challenge returns to its home in northern
California Thursday, February 8th to electrify a sold out crowd with 14 action packed, full contact, closed fist cage fights.
In the main event, Gladiator Challenge World Heavyweight Champion Bo ‘Redrum’ Cantrell defends his belt against Mike ‘the Rhino’ Bourke. Cantrell is arguably the heaviest hitter in the sport, and steps up to
demonstrate his power against a challenger who will stand toe-to-toe with him. Cantrell won his title in August against then-undefeated Brandon Blevins. Mike ‘the Rhino’ Bourke gets his first shot at a mixed martial arts world title, earning the right with a win in King of the Cage:
Final Conflict in December. Bourke has not lost a fight in over two years, and looks to prove his punching power against the champ. Expect a devastating knockout from one of these powerhouse heavyweights to end this night
of full contact cage fighting.
The co-main event features a battle between two giants, fan favorite Ross ‘the Grizz’ Clifton, and the undefeated, up-and-coming Matt Nelson. The Grizz stands at 6’6″ and weighs in at over 420 pounds. This super
heavyweight was undefeated in 2005, coming off of a win in November at Gladiator Challenge: TRIBAL WAR, and hopes to continue his winning streak into the new year. Nelson, 6’4″ and 350 pounds, continues to climb the
ranks in the heavyweight division, having just defeated Lewis Cantrell, brother of Heavyweight Champion Bo Cantrell. Don’t miss this tremendous collision between two of the most powerful fighters in northern
This is your chance to see the most exciting show in the nation at Colusa Casino Resort in Colusa, CA. The casino features an on-site hotel, a world-class buffet, and a high-end steak house. Doors open at 6:30pm
and fights start at 8pm. For tickets, call Colusa Casino at (530)458-8844.