September 13, 2005

by Tom Call, Pics by Paul Eggenberger
Gladiator Challenge SummerFest Konocti California September 10, 2005

Commentary by Tom Call
Photos by Paul Eggenberger

The busiest promotion in North America King of the Cage’s Gladiator Challenge held an event this weekend in northern California. The card had was stacked with young local talent that had the sellout crowd on there feet for most of the Main Event.

The Co- Main Event was for Nick Ertl’s lightweight title. Nick Ertl is one of the MMA’s tough guys he has fought everywhere. In this fight youth was served Mac Danzig had his way with Nick Ertl. As soon as the fight started there was 1 clinch in which Danzig completely controlled Ertl. As the fighters went to the ground Danzig quickly secured a deep triangle.

Ertl refused to tap as he rolled and twisted trying to break the triangle. Danzig began to deliver forearms to the top of Ertl’s head which opened an enormous cut that was just spilling blood. Both fighters were a bloody mess but it was all Ertl’s blood. The fight was stopped due to the cut on top of Ertl’s scalp just under 3 minutes into the first round. Mac Danzig is the new Gladiator Challenge 155lb. Champion.

The main event was truly a main event it was easily the best fight of the card and one of the better fights I have personally seen in MMA at any level. Uriah Farber undefeated Gladiator Champion 145lb and KOTC 155lb Champion from Sacramento California’s Capital City Fighting Alliance taking on little known Tyson Griffin from Santa Rosa California’s Nor Cal Fighting Alliance. Both fighters were cornered by decorated fighters as Tyson Griffin had David Terrell in his corner and Uriah Farber had James Irvin. The fight was a 3 round fight for Farber’s belt.

Farber aggressively attacked Griffin viciously slamming him to the mat in the process slamming his face into the cage opening a cut on the top of his head. The fight was stopped for several minutes as doctors examined the cut. The crowd became anxious for fear the fight would be stopped. Both fighters began taunting each other as referee Herb Dean signaled the fight would restart with both fighters in same position. Farber continued to control the action however Griffin appeared calm and was neutralizing most of Farber’s attack.

The first round ended with Griffin stunning Farber with a right hand that pinned Farber against the cage after wild exchange between the 2 middle of the cage. The first round ended with the crowd on there feet after a furious pace. Round 2 was just as action packed as young Griffin began to control the action both standing and on the ground. Both guys changed positions continually countering and reversing each other as Tyson Griffin began to seize control punishing Farber with body shots as round 2 closed. Right as both fighter took the center of the ring Farber lunged at Griffin as Griffin was firing a straight right hand that caught Farber on the chin sending him face first to the mat. Griffin pounced landing several unanswered blows forcing Herb Dean to step in and stop the fight less than 1 minute into round 3. I have a feeling both of these guys will be making MMA headlines for years to come as both guys are very young and incredible talented.