Given Additional Time, Eryk Anders Makes Weight for UFC Fight Night 125 Main Event

February 2, 2018

Though he initially missed his mark, UFC Fight Night 125 main eventer Eryk Anders eventually made weight on Friday after an agreement was struck that allowed him additional time.

Anders first stepped on the scale at 187.9 pounds, 1.9 pounds above the limit for his middleweight non-title fight with Lyoto Machida in Belem, Brazil. Though he missed the mark, a deal was struck to allow Anders an additional hour to try and make weight.

According to veteran Brazilian reporter Guilherme Cruz of MMAFighting, the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA) agreed to additional time after a doctor determined that Anders could safely afford to continue cutting weight. Additionally, Machida’s team agreed to the added time because there had been issues with the hot water in the hotel where the visiting fighters were roomed. 

Eryk Anders UFC Fight Night 125 weigh-inFighters often use hot baths to help cut the final few pounds before a weigh-in. So the lack of hot water in the hotel may have directly contributed to Anders not being on weight in the first place.

When Anders returned to the scale about 50 minutes after the end of the initial weigh-in period, he tipped the scale at 186 pounds, making the UFC Fight Night 125 main event official without penalty.

Two fighters who did not make weight and did not make a second attempt were co-main event fighter Pedro Munhoz and main card fighter Michel Prazeres. Munhoz was four pounds over the limit for his bantamweight bout with John Dodson, while Prazeres was five pounds over for his lightweight fight with Desmond Green. 

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This marks the third time that Prazeres has missed weight since dropping from welterweight to lightweight. 

While Green accepted the fight with Prazeres, according to Cruz, the Dodson vs. Munhoz co-main event was still under negotiation at the time of publication.

Under CABMMA rules, Munhoz and Prazeres would each be fined 20-percent of their show money and 20-percent of any win bonus. The athletic commission is allowed to take half of the show money fine, but declined to do so in this case. So Green and Dodson would, at minimum, receive 20-percent of their opponent’s show money.

Eryk Anders Makes Makes Weight for UFC Belem on 2nd Attempt

(Courtesy of MMAFightingonSBN)