Gina Carano Undecided on Return to MMA

January 9, 2012

As the release date for the Hollywood action film ‘Haywire’ draws closer and closer, everyone’s eyes are on the star of the film, Gina Carano.

For MMA fans however the biggest question hasn’t been how will she do as an actor in a major motion picture?

The question on fight fans’ minds remains will Gina Carano ever return to mixed martial arts as a fighter?

The last time Carano stepped foot in a MMA cage was in 2009 when she lost in a featherweight title fight to Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos. Since then, Carano has been focusing on projects outside of the MMA world, in particular a starring role in award winning director Steven Soderbergh’s latest film.

Carano stopped by G4’s ‘Attack of the Show’ on Monday to hype up the new film that gets released on Jan 20, and the million dollar question came up of whether or not she will return to fighting or not.

“I don’t know actually,” Carano answered. “I’m somewhere floating around in the world between acting and fighting.”

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker has said on several occasions that he believes Carano would one day return to fighting. Stephen Espinoza, the new head of Showtime Sports who used to represent Carano as an attorney, has also said he thinks his former client would strap on the gloves and compete again.

Carano however sounds much more unsure than her former boss and attorney.

Right now, ‘Haywire’ is her main focus and she won’t decide if fighting is in her future until it truly feels right.

“I don’t feel like you have to make a decision right now,” said Carano. “So I’m waiting till I definitely know the right answer in my heart.”

If ‘Haywire’ opens to critical and financial success, it would be hard to imagine that Carano won’t have other acting roles offered or afforded to her in the future. Whether the pull of fighting is strong enough to bring her back to MMA remains to be seen.

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