Gina Carano: “I’m Either Going to Do It Now, or I’m Going to Retire”

April 4, 2014

Gina CaranoIf Gina Carano is going to return to fighting, she believes the time is now.

The former women’s fighting superstar appeared on the late-night talk show The Arsenio Hall Show on Thursday (watch the video here) and revealed that she’ll be meeting with UFC president Dana White next to discuss a possible return to fighting.

When asked if she’s thought about making a comeback, Carano answered, “I’m actually kind of considering it.”

Carano is currently making the media rounds in promotion of her new movie “In the Blood,” which premieres on Friday.

Carano (7-1) last fought on Aug. 15, 2009, for the Strikeforce women’s featherweight title. She lost the title fight to Cris “Cyborg” Justino by technical knockout in the closing seconds of the opening round. Following the first loss of her career, Carano hung up the gloves and made a move to Hollywood. She appeared in the movie Fast & Furious 6 and had a lead role in Haywire, as well as appearing in other projects.

“I 100-percent (miss fighting). There’s not a workout I go through that I’m not fighting somebody in my mind. It’s never gone away,” she said.

When the 31-year-old walked away from mixed martial arts, she had four fights remaining on her Strikeforce contract. In March 2011, Strikeforce was purchased by UFC parent company Zuffa LLC. Carano’s contract came with the deal.

“Gina is under contract,” said UFC president Dana White following the UFC Fight Night 37 post-fight press conference on London on March 8. “She’s got four fights left on her Strikeforce contract.”

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has expressed serious interest in a fight with Carano.

“I never would have thought women’s MMA existed if I hadn’t seen her (Gina) fight. I never knew there was such a thing until her. And to fight her would be a real honor, and I think it would be a milestone for the sport,” said Rousey prior to the UFC 171 weigh-ins on March 14 in Dallas.

“I think given everything that she’s done for the sport and the pioneer that she is, I think she deserves a title shot any time,” added Rousey. “There are exceptions that I would make for Gina that I wouldn’t for anyone else.”

Carano is more than just considering returning, she’s meeting with UFC president Dana White next week to discuss making it a reality.

“I’m actually sitting down with him next week,” she said.

“I love it (fighting). It’s something that I can do that makes everything else disappear. I dream about it. I just didn’t’ know if I was ever going to get placed with the opportunity to make a comeback,” said the former face of women’s MMA. “So I’m either going to do it now, or I’m going to retire and say, okay, I’m never going to do it. So now is the moment I feel.”

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