Gina Carano Headed to WEC? Not so fast….

Although UFC president Dana White has recently made public comments that he would be willing to entertain the prospect of former EliteXC star Gina Carano competing in the Octagon, it’s not the Ultimate Fighting Championship he’s talking about.

White said that he’s not ready to put women’s fights in the UFC, but he would give Carano a run in the UFC’s sister promotion, the WEC.

“I heard that,” confirmed WEC vice president Peter Dropick on Monday.

There’s still a hang-up in having Carano fight even in the WEC.

“First off, I don’t know if anyone knows really what the contractual situation is with any fighter from those other organizations,” he said, referring to ProElite-owned promotions like EliteXC. “I think until that is flushed out, we would… we really don’t have anything at this point.”

That’s not to say that Dropick isn’t interested. On the contrary, he’s very interested in adding more talent – including Carano – to the WEC’s roster of athletes. “We’d be open to having some of the better fighters and the most exciting fights. (Carano) is certainly a star and she certainly has drawing power. So, we’ll see how that plays out.”

For now, like many EliteXC fighters, Carano is in limbo, trying to figure out just what her contractual status is while ProElite keeps toying with the idea of whether it will continue on or not.