by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Keeping her undefeated record intact with her last fight, Gina Carano is doing some promotion for her appearance in the new “Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3” game, but then her focus will shift to a proposed match-up against Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos early next year.

Carano is currently doing a media tour for the video game, but she spoke to MMAWeekly Radio on Wednesday about her next fight, which is likely to be against Cyborg, possibly in February.

“That’s what I’m hearing too, and I’m real excited about it,” Carano said about the match-up. “Maybe it will be for a title, maybe it will be a main event, I don’t know. I’m just really excited about this fight because everybody else is excited about it and I just think it’s an awesome match-up. I can’t wait to train for it and I’d like to see where I’m at.”

On the same night that Carano defeated Kelly Kobold, her next opponent, Cyborg, was also on the card. She was able to watch the fight and it actually made her feel more at home for the show.

“When I was back in the back I was watching her fight and you know it was just really nice to have another female fight on the card. I think that made me more comfortable,” Carano commented. “I used to fight all the time with females on my cards and for a while I’ve just been the only one. So having another female fight on the card just made me feel more comfortable. I got to see her fight and I definitely think she’s one of the top female fighters in the world. I’m going to try to put myself right in there with her.”

As previously mentioned, the battle between Carano and Cyborg will most likely crown the first ever EliteXC women’s champion, and multiple EliteXC officials have hinted at the same scenario when the two women finally meet.

Following a successful career in Muay Thai and now MMA, Carano is excited at the prospect of adding a women’s title to her resume.

“That just makes me smile, I’m so excited about that,” she stated about the title shot. “We’ve come so far and we’ve done so much in this sport. I’ve been through so much and just to kind of get there and to be fighting for the first belt and to have that be another first, I think that, there’s not a feeling that compares to that.”

The one thing that hasn’t been decided is what weight class the fight between Carano and Cyborg will be at, considering Cyborg last fought at 148 pounds and Carano has seemingly struggled making the 140-pound weight limit.

But Carano has now come forward to say that the 140-pound weight class was a happy medium to find the best opponents, but she may have to move up a division to stay healthy before her fights.

“The reason why I started going down to 140 in the first place is because I thought that was a good weight people could come up from 135 or they could come down from 155/150,” said Carano. “It’s such a good weight class to have people all meet at, and that’s where I saw all the competition too, so I’ve been doing this to get down to fight at a popular weight class.

“I’ll see a couple months out when they offer me the fight for Cyborg and I’ll see where I’m at and I’ll see what weight I really want to go down to, 145 or 140, I’m not sure. Because she fought at 148 in this last fight, so we’ll see.”

Carano keeps a good perspective though, understanding that she needs to make weight and if that can’t be at 140 pounds, then she will move on to a different weight.

“If I don’t belong down at 140, I don’t want to keep fighting there, but I do want to see my natural walking around weight as healthy, working out with a nutritionist,” stated Carano. “I want to see where I’m comfortable at and by the time they offer me the fight two months out, then I’ll be able to be like, if I’m at 155 I’ll be like yeah I’ll go down to 140.”

For the time being, Carano will enjoy some time off promoting her new video game and working on other projects before preparing for the showdown with Cyborg in 2009.