Germaine de Randamie: ‘I Dominated’ Holly Holm

Germaine de Randamie was crowned the inaugural UFC women’s featherweight champion on Feb. 11 when she defeated former bantamweight champion Holly Holm at UFC 208. Some didn’t agree with the decision and felt Holm should have been declared the winner.

There were two points in the fight, after rounds two and three, that de Randamie landed blows after the bell. She was not penalized on either occasion, which led to much of the controversy over the bout’s outcome. But without any point deductions, there were still arguments about the final decision.

Germaine de RandamieThe Dutch kickboxer turned MMA fighter got off to a good start in the five-round title fight. She countered Holm’s combinations and set the pace early in the bout. Holm rallied as the fight played out, outworking de Randamie in the championship rounds. She knocked de Randamie down with a head kick late in the fight.

After 25 minutes of back-and-forth fighting, de Randamie was declared the winner by unanimous decision. The 32-year-old newly crowned champion doesn’t think there was any controversy about who won. In fact, she believes that she dominated Holm.

“I think I dominated the fight. I think I did the most damage. I stopped every takedown. I came to fight,” she said while appearing on The MMA Hour.  “I do believe that I threw the more clean shots. She had a couple of good moments, but I do not believe that those moments defined the whole fight. I believe that I was the better fighter.”

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De Randamie believes she clearly won three of the five rounds.  While critics may not agree, the judges did that night. 

“I believe, for sure (I won), the first and the second. I think the fourth. I’ll have to watch it all over again, but I knew that I definitely dominated three rounds for sure, if not close to four rounds.”

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