Georges St-Pierre’s coach says a UFC mega-fight could lure him back to the cage

(Courtesy of JRE Clips)

George St-Pierre returned from a near-four-year layoff to defeat Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight title in November 2017. Then he walked away, eventually making an official retirement announcement earlier this year.

Funny thing… he hasn’t ever stopped training.

As Joe Rogan said on a recent podcast with St-Pierre’s longtime coach Firas Zahabi, he noted that St-Pierre looked better than ever when he fought Bisping. Zahabi explained that was because St-Pierre never stopped training and still hasn’t. He continues to train and could quickly be back into fight shape.

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Does that mean St-Pierre could be tempted out of retirement? Will he ever set foot in the Octagon again?

Zahabi believes that he could be lured back to the cage. It would certainly take something special though, as Zahabi doesn’t think St-Pierre is interested in chasing or defending titles like he once did.