Georges St-Pierre withdraws from USADA testing pool to cement his retirement from MMA

Georges St-Pierre retired from mixed martial arts two weeks ago and now he’s cemented that decision by withdrawing from the USADA drug testing pool.

All active athletes in the UFC are required to remain in the testing pool for USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) as part of the anti-doping policy for random, year round testing. Athletes who retire have to give notification to the UFC, who in turn tells USADA, which means the drug testing stops.

If St-Pierre ever decided to compete again, it would require a minimum of six-months of drug testing before he would be allowed to fight. News of St-Pierre’s move was first reported by ESPN.

While it’s not unexpected that St-Pierre dropped out of the drug testing pool following the announcement that he was retiring in late February, he also seemed to leave the door open for a return to action if the right opportunity was presented to him.

Obviously, St-Pierre could still fight but now it would be a longer process because of the six months of required testing before he could schedule a bout.

St-Pierre last fought in 2017 when he defeated Michael Bisping to become the UFC middleweight champion. Following that fight, he surrendered the belt while dealing with a bout of colitis that hit him after making the move up to 185 pounds.

Now it appears St-Pierre really is calling it a career as he will no longer be subjected to any random, year round drug testing from USADA.