by Mitch Gobetz – MMAWeekly.com
Georges St. Pierre was supposed to walk through Matt Serra last Saturday night. After all, he did just decimate the longtime former welterweight champion Matt Hughes. On top of that, St. Pierre practically wiped out the welterweight division on his way up to the title, defeating big names such as Sean Sherk, Frank Trigg, Karo Parisyan, Jason Miller and BJ Penn. That is a very impressive list. On paper, looking at the match up between Serra and St. Pierre, it’s a no brainer that St. Pierre should steamroll Serra, right?

Matt Serra shocked the world Saturday night scoring what may be the biggest upset in UFC history over the French-Canadian. After a flurry of punches that left St. Pierre wondering what zip code he was in, his short reign as champion was over.

So, the question many people have is, ‘How did that happen?’ The answer is simple: it’s mixed martial arts. One of the best things about this sport is no matter how dominant someone might seem, it is a fight and anything can happen.

Even though St. Pierre isn’t the champion anymore, he is still a champion in many people’s eyes. Hopefully, some fighters take notice on how St. Pierre handles defeat. There were no excuses, no complaints, just gratitude and respect. There are many fighters who handle being defeated completely opposite.

St. Pierre was on MMAWeekly Radio recently and spoke candidly about his loss, “It’s the biggest nightmare of my career and I’m through it, and I’m gonna use it to motivate me and push me to come back in my next fight.”

There are a few fighters that will give Georges that motivation, namely Matt Hughes. Hughes was caught chuckling and pointing at St. Pierre after his loss to Serra. “I saw what he did and don’t worry, it’s in my mind. I can’t wait to have a chance to fight him. When I knocked him out, I didn’t laugh at him and make fun of the situation.”

Where does St. Pierre go from here? There are plenty of match ups that make sense for him. More than likely, he won’t have to get too many wins to be back for the title. He did clear out the majority of contenders already. Some likely scenarios for him are Jon Fitch or the recently defeated Diego Sanchez. There are many considerations to take in though. If he were to fight Diego Sanchez and win, then Sanchez will lose a lot of the hype that the UFC has built up. There are many fans who will be demanding to see that match up and it has main event caliber written all over it.

One thing is for sure, he isn’t wasting any time. “I’m really pumped up right now. I didn’t even take a vacation. On Monday, I was back in the gym training like crazy.”

All of a sudden, a lot of fans have jumped off the St. Pierre bandwagon and are now claiming that he was overrated, has a glass jaw, etc. That is a ridiculous claim to make, and many fans need to realize that losing one fight doesn’t mean that the fighter’s career is over. If anything, this will make St. Pierre come back with an even stronger burning desire to win back that belt that he coveted not too long ago. He doesn’t want to wait long either. “I would like to fight as fast as possible, in July maybe.”