Georges St-Pierre Needs to Stop Talking Trash

October 17, 2017

While Michael Bisping has earned a solid C+ for his trash talk, Georges St-Pierre just needs to stop. He is failing miserably. 

Bisping has long been a talker of smack. He’s not on the level of Conor McGregor, but he’s good at it, and he’s good at getting under his opponent’s skin. That has become all too obvious as St-Pierre has struggled to keep up with Bisping’s motor mouth. 

Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre Toronto UFC 217 faceoffBisping can be funny. Bisping can be the bully. But GSP doesn’t have the gift of gab to spar with him on any level. 

A portion of that probably has to do with the French-Canadian being a half-step slower when speaking English. He is likely a little better when his words flow in French. But it has never, ever been St-Pierre’s strong suit to dis his opponent. 

He’s returned to the Octagon after a four-year absence pursuing big challenges and big money, so perhaps he feels the pressure to put on a show in the fight’s build-up. After all, McGregor’s superstardom is based as much, or even more so, on his war with words as it is his skills in the cage.

Some people just can’t pull it off though. Bisping does a fair impression of the Irishman, but that’s because Bisping has always tried to ruffle his opponent’s feathers. St-Pierre gets an F on all cards. Please Georges, just stop.

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