Georges St-Pierre Isn’t Finished Yet: ‘I Think I Will Fight Again’

Georges St-Pierre isn’t done with fighting just yet.

After winning the UFC middleweight title this past November only to surrender it a few weeks later due to a debilitating bout of ulcerative colitis, St-Pierre says that his outlook to eventually return to the Octagon again is positive.

While St-Pierre isn’t ready to cement his comeback just yet, it appears everything is moving in the right direction that he’ll be able to fight again in the future.

“I think so. I think I will fight again,” St-Pierre told MMAFighting on Monday. “It depends on my health condition and everything, it’s too soon to say now. I feel much better now as we talk than I used to back in the day when I entered my fight. I always said I would prioritize my health over my performance and I was worried about my health. I was like is something wrong with my body? I don’t feel good, I don’t feel right in my own skin.

“I need to wait for my condition, to see where my weight will be at, where my health will be at. I’m still on medication so I can’t fight right now.”

St-Pierre says he has lost a lot of weight since dealing with the internal disease that he believes flared up in large part thanks to his eating habits while trying to get ready for his middleweight debut last year.

Assuming St-Pierre does compete again, he’s only interested in fights that will further his legacy much like the win he got over Michael Bisping to become middleweight champion.

St-Pierre added that he has no real interest in fights against Nick Diaz or Ben Askren — two fighters who have expressed a desire to face him — but instead he’s only looking for big, marquee bouts that will mean more to his resume after calling it a career.

“If I comeback, it has to be a fight that I have a lot to win,” St-Pierre said. “Not only a fight that I have a lot to lose and not much to win.”

St-Pierre wasn’t ready to mention any names because the landscape in the UFC changes so often that who he says right now may not be the fighter he’d most like to face six months later.

Still, St-Pierre sounds like he will eventually make his return to action once he’s finally defeated the ulcerative colitis plaguing him right now.