Georges St-Pierre is Looking a Tad Thick These Days

April 25, 2017

Dad bod GSP, you guys.

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is set to return to the Octagon some time later this year against Michael Bisping. When the exact date of the fight will be, we’re still not sure, but based on GSP’s physique, we hope it’s not any time soon.

In a recent photoshoot with Hayabusa, footage shows St-Pierre throwing light strikes and posing for action shots. But what people watching the video picked up on most isn’t his striking. No, instead folks pointed out Georges’ noticeable gut protruding out above his waistline.

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To the footage!

(Courtesy of Hayabusa)

Time off from fighting sure has been kind to Georges.

GSP always used to talk about his body being a genetic anomaly. In the past he mentioned how he enjoys junk food and it never affected his frame. I guess times have changed.

The YouTube comments roasted poor GSP, but it didn’t stop there. Twitter also let him have it.

Hopefully he can get his summer body sooner rather than later. I can’t say Bisping will show up in the same shape.

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