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Saturday night in Houston, Texas, UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre returns to the Octagon for the first time since taking the belt from Matt Hughes. Against Matt Serra, St. Pierre will be attempting the first defense of the title.


“Even though I am champion, the way I see this fight, for this week I am not champion,” said a humble St. Pierre. It is the same attitude that has ingratiated him to fans worldwide and made him a force in the ring.


He knows that Serra is not to be taken lightly, even amidst the criticism that Serra earned his shot through a reality show and not by working his way up the ranks. “I expect five 5-minute rounds of war,” St. Pierre said of the brash New Yorker. “He’s the best jiu-jitsu guy that I have fought so far.”


Not looking beyond the battle with Serra at UFC 69, St. Pierre is excited about future prospects with the Fertitta brothers buying Pride Fighting Championships. “I’m a very proud person. I don’t want to be a paper champion. I want to be undisputed world welterweight champion,” said St. Pierre referring to the Fertittas now making it possible for more of the world’s best fighters to face each other.


These were only a few of the issues that St. Pierre touched on in an Exclusive video interview In The Cage with MMAWeekly in Houston, Texas as he readies himself for his first title defense.  


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