Georges St-Pierre Fans Slam Michael Bisping at NHL Game

October 15, 2017

Michael Bisping did not get a warm welcome from Georges St-Pierre‘s Canadian fans.

Everywhere they go, the UFC forces Bisping and St-Pierre to face off for a photo opp, even at the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens NHL game on Saturday.

Bisping sauntered out to meet UFC president Dana White at center ice at the game on Saturday in Montreal, but was greeted by a chorus of booing Canadian fans. It certainly had to be an uncomfortable moment, but appeared to be one that Bisping relished.

It was obviously quite the opposite for St-Pierre, who received a hero’s welcome from his hometown fans. 

St-Pierre’s fans hammered Bisping, but at least White kept them apart when they came face to face on the ice.

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