Georges St-Pierre Admits: ‘I was so scared of fighting Nick Diaz, we poisoned his IV… but he survived!’

(Courtesy of UFC)

In Nate Diaz shooting down a proposed fight with Georges St-Pierre, he and his brother, Nick Diaz, have made a lot of claims about the former UFC welterweight champion, most related to when St-Pierre defeated Nick at UFC 158 in March of 2013 in Montreal.

There is always the prospect of homefield advantage when a fighter has his home country crowd on his side, which St-Pierre did, but the Diaz Brothers took their claims to an entirely different level than simply the crowd noise influencing judging or a hometown ref giving GSP a bit of a break in the fight or something along those lines.

They have accused St-Pierre of everything from being allowed to miss weight to him being on steroids to him having something illegal about his hand wraps heading into the fight. Probably the wildest conspiracy theory of them all that the Diaz brothers purported to have happened: St-Pierre allegedly had Nick’s I.V. spiked with some sort of poison that made him perform poorly in the fight.

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Perhaps it isn’t all a conspiracy theory though, as St-Pierre, on Wednesday’s edition of Joe Rogan’s Podcast, admitted to it all. He even admitted to poisoning Diaz’s I.V., but came away even more scared of him because it didn’t work. “He survived!” St-Pierre even admitted to wrapping his hands in broken glass and cement. 

Okay, so maybe, just maybe, St-Pierre was playing along? Maybe what he said to Rogan was in jest? Perhaps it was all a joke?

Um, yeah!