George St-Pierre Cleared for UFC Return, but Will He?

October 20, 2014

Is Georges St-Pierre headed back to the Octagon?

That’s a question nearly everyone has asked since the last time he set foot in the Octagon and then said that he need to step away for a while.

UFC president Dana White on Friday gave the first substantive indication that his former welterweight champion may be returning, although he fell well short of anything definitive.

Georges-St-Pierre-026-UFC-124-478x270White and company CEO Lorenzo Fertitta met with GSP under a shroud of secrecy earlier this week, where St-Pierre reveled that a knee he injured in training after his self-imposed exile has been cleared by doctors.

“They cleared GSP’s knee,” White said. “After surgery like that it still takes about another 30 days before you start to mentally feel right. But he’s in a good spot.

“His knee just got cleared and he’ll start training again and getting back into shape. He’ll let us know when he’s ready.”

While on the surface White insinuates that St-Pierre will return to the Octagon, there was no definitive statement to that effect.

And while White has always believed that St-Pierre would one day return, the former champion has chosen his words carefully whenever the subject was broached.

It may be that St-Pierre eventually takes White up on his statement that a title shot awaits him upon his return, but it may also be that even St-Pierre himself isn’t sure of he’ll ever come back to the sport that he once ruled.

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