by Ultimate Fighter George Roop for MMAWeekly.com

Hey what’s up Tucson, America, and the rest of the world.  Episode 3 of The Ultimate Fighter is here.  So we’re finally in the house, at least everybody who earned the right to be in the house is.  It felt like it took so long to get here, due to all the pressure of the first fight.  When all 16 of us got to the house, everyone was scrambling around to select a room.  I found a room with only two beds and I knew I wanted to have this room.  All the others that I looked in had four to six beds in them and I was looking for the least amount of people to share a room with.  Junie joined me.  Now the fun begins!


The next morning all 16 of us went to the gym for team selections.  Before the teams were selected Dana White called on Karin and Brian to step forward.  Everyone already knew what was going to happen.  Earlier that morning both of the guys had gone to the hospital and got CAT scans. The results showed that they both had fractured noses from their fights.  There was talk about them getting sent home because of their fractured noses during breakfast already.  I felt really bad for both of them because they were both great fighters and deserved to be there.


To replace Karin they brought back Kyle Kingsbury. I was excited when they brought back Kyle because I was rooting for him anyway.  They did not have a replacement yet for the lightweight, Brian.


When the teams were selected I ended up being the last pick.  I was surprised that I was the last pick because I took out a very promising fighter (Rolando Delgado).  Everybody else came from a gym that had a big name; nobody ever heard of who I am or who I trained with.  At first it kind of bothered me that I was the last pick.  I quickly got over it and started to find the good points about being the last pick.  I don’t dwell on things; I improve on them!  Being the last pick took all the pressure off me right away and I was determined to show the world what George Roop was all about.  I’m the first person to be able to represent Tucson on The Ultimate Fighter and I wasn’t going to let Tucson down!!!


After team picks you could cut the tension in the house with a knife.  Everybody was sporting their team jerseys and started talking match-ups; who they wanted to fight right away.


Later that night Junie decided he wanted to drink.  A few drinks in, he stared getting pretty wild.  His behavior escalated very quickly the more alcohol he consumed.  This guy tried to jump off a balcony, fight the whole red team, and proceeded to destroy everything he thought he could get away with.  I’ve never seen anybody go through so many emotions in such a short amount of time.  A lot of other guys in the house tried to get involved by trying to calm him down when he was getting violent, trying to stop him from breaking stuff since it was only the second night in the house, and try to comfort him when he was balling like a little girl.  Personally I thought it would have been pretty damn funny to watch him jump off the balcony into the palm tree.  It’s not like he would have died, maybe just broke a few bones.  I tried to stay away from Junie as much as possible and just enjoy the show he was putting on.  When I saw the way he acted, I knew that this was going to be a very interesting six weeks.  Wow, this kid is my roommate!  I would have been better off being in a room with six other guys.


The next morning the replacement lightweight fighter showed up at the house.  It ended up being my opponent (Rolando Delgado) that I fought to get into the house.  When I saw him I was not surprised or concerned.  I already knew that there was a possibility that he would be coming back.  This really meant nothing to me.  If I had been matched up against him in the future again, I had the upper hand.  I already beat him and if I were to fight him again the outcome would be the same; my hand raised at the end of the fight!  


The next day were fight selections.  Team Noguira got to make the first choice.  Team Nog’s pick was their first pick (Ryan Bader) vs. our team’s (Team Mir) last light heavyweight pick Tom Lawlor.  We all predicted that this was going to be the fight selection.  Tom was ready and all of Team Mir was behind him too.


The next day when Team Noguira went to practice, Krystof had a prank to pull mainly on Bader, but the rest of team Nog as well.  I was all for participating in this prank.  I’ve seen other seasons of The Ultimate Fighter and how some of the pranks they pulled were gross.  I thought Krystof had come up with an extremely good prank and it was all good clean fun.  Plus I was already bored.  Our team went to practice right before Team Nog got back.  On the way back to the house from practice all of us were curious to see if they had already retaliated or what the outcome was even going to be.  Watching the expressions on their faces when they found out about the prank was priceless. 


Ryan Bader vs. Tom Lawlor 

Going into this fight I knew that Bader was very tough.  I really believed that they had under estimated Tom though.  Ryan came out and tried to take Tom down almost immediately.  Tom did an excellent job on defending.  Tom was landing good punches, as was Bader.  Tom threw a huge hook that opened up his hips and Bader got underneath the punch and into his hips with a beautiful double-leg takedown.  Tom was able to scramble back to his feet.  Bader had taken him down again and started to work some ground and pound.  Tom was trying to get back to his feet by posting his feet on Bader’s hips to push him away.  As Tom got his feet to the hips, Bader dropped a huge right hand right on the chin and put Tom out.  Bader showed in this fight that he is a force in the light heavyweight division. 


Now Team Nog is up 1 fight to 0.  They stuck first, but Team Mir is hungry and ready for the next fight!


Goerge Roop is one of the cast members and MMAWeekly.com’s correspondent for The Ultimate Fighter Season 8. He is sponsored by Swat Fitness, Ultima Martial Arts, Just Weight, and Classy Entertainment.