September 17, 2008

by George Roop for MMAWeekly.com

Hey what’s up Tucson (520), America, and the
rest of the world.  I would like to
start this off by saying, that there are so many great fighters that deserve to
be in the house that didn’t make it. That’s how much talent there is on this
season. That’s how good The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 is going to be. This is
going to be the best season of The Ultimate Fighter yet!!!


The first day they took us to the gym in groups
of 16. When our group got to the gym there were the other 16 men standing in
the gym already.  At that moment it
was confirmed for the other 31 men, we were going to have to fight our way into
the house.  That didn’t fool me a bit;
I got off the plane ready to throw down! 
The tension is high in the gym; everybody is sizing each other up and
curious who they’re going to be matched up with in their first fight.  Dana White walks in and the room goes silent.
 The match-ups were set and now all
the competitive juices were really flowing.


I love the idea that you have to fight to get
in the house!  That’s what I came
here to do, so the fact that I have to fight to get into the house doesn’t
change anything for me. Some guys are complaining about having to fight to get
in the house; afraid that they’re going to get injured in their first fight.  Well that’s the risk you take every time
you step in that cage!  This is a
great method because if you have people that are not going to go in there and
leave it all in the cage, this is when you will realize it.


When Philippe Nover passed out within the
first minute; at first I didn’t realize what was going on.  I was so focused and overwhelmed that I
was actually here.  After finding
out how big of a 155-pound fighter Nover was, I realized its 105 degrees here
in Vegas. He was cutting a lot of weight and he’s from New York.  .  Welcome to the desert Nover!!!


After Nover passed out it seemed like
everybody wanted to fight him. They thought he was weak and wasn’t going to be
able to perform that well in his first fight.  Boy was everybody wrong!


Jason Guida not making weight was for sure
the highlight of the day.  There
were a lot of light heavyweights that had to cut more weight than Guida. Eleven
pounds is hardly anything to cut.  He
wants to fight Anderson Silva??? Let me remind you that Silva is the 185-pound
champion; Guida can’t even make 206 pounds!  He made a comment about how he’s been cutting weight for
years and this looked like he had never cut weight in his life.  I do feel sorry for him and hope the
best for the man, but this is the biggest chance of your life; how could you
blow it?!!!!  Looks like it’s time
“to get a real job.”


Browning vs. Jose Aguilar

I can’t believe that Aguilar referred to
himself as Hitler and Junie wants to get pregnant…  Junie came out throwing hard punches and beautiful leg kicks.
 Aguilar didn’t want anything to do
with that early in the fight and decided to go to the ground and work his subs.
 Aguilar was transitioning very
nice from one sub to another.  Junie
defended every sub and made Aguilar pay big every time with huge shots.  He dominated the whole first round with
a great display of ‘ground and pound’.  Surprisingly, Aguilar would not answer the second round bell.
 I don’t know how you get to this
level and just want to quit?  At
least go out there and get knocked out and give the crowd a show.  Cause when it all comes down to it
that’s what it’s all about!  Junie
impressed me and after this fight I thought that he would be one of the guys to
compete with in the house.


Bruchez vs. Eric McGee

Don’t have much to say about this fight.  “The south boy!”


Vinny Magalhaes
vs. Lance Evans

Vinny came out throwing good kicks.  He caught Evans with a couple body kicks
and had him retreating the whole first round.  Evans didn’t answer the bell for the second round.  This was surprising to me because
everyone knew he was Rashad’s brother even though he tried to deny it.


Antwain Britt
vs. Ryan Jimmo

This was an exciting fight!  Both guys came out throwing good
combinations and were landing.  Britt seemed to be a lot stronger than Jimmo and was landing
a lot more power shots.  I wish
they showed more of this fight because it had me on the edge of the mat waiting
for someone to get knocked out!


Brandon Garner vs. Brian McLaughlin

Brian McLaughlin is a great
fighter and deserves to be in the house.  I was anxious to watch this fight on video because of the
illegal knee.  This fight was
action packed and McLaughlin was dominating the fight the majority of the time.
I’m not trying to take anything away from Garner though; both of these guys
impressed me and this is a perfect example of a fighter who deserves to be in
the house.  At the time the fight
was going on, I wasn’t able to see if the knee was illegal.  After getting to watch it once again I
will definitely confirm that it was an illegal knee. This was an exciting fight
and everything the UFC fans would love to see.  Unfortunately it ended the way it did.  Great fight guys!!!


Philippe Nover vs. Joe Duarte

This was another action
packed fight!  Fainting Philippe Nover
came out throwing great kicks, punches, knees, and elbows, but Duarte answered
back every time with nice, powerful punches.  Nover broke him by the end of the first round. When the
second round started it was all Nover. Nover ended up beating Duarte into a
sub.  Everyone gathered around the
cage to watch this fight and it didn’t disappoint. 


Fernando Bernstein vs. Dave Kaplan

So Kaplan just wants the
dollars huh? Don’t we all… 
Bernstein came ready to fight. Bernstein put together great combinations
and was landing a lot all throughout the fight. Bernstein was definitely
winning the fight until Kaplan decided to close the distance and take him down
into a quick sub.  Bernstein had no
ground game to answer with.


Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Mike Stewart

Wow, Krzysztof hits
hard.  Stewart probably would have
been better off if he did get hit by a two-by-four.


Goerge Roop is one of the
cast members and MMAWeekly.com’s correspondent for The Ultimate Fighter Season
8. He is sponsored by
Swat Fitness, Ultima Martial Arts, Just Weight, and Classy Entertainment.