George Roop Says Jose Aldo Will Have to Go to Planned Parenthood After Fighting Chad Mendes

October 18, 2011

George Roop at WEC 51

George Roop

Count UFC featherweight George Roop as a fighter who will speak his mind.

With his upcoming bout with top five ranked featherweight Hatsu Hioki just over a week away, Roop is focused on the task at hand, but can’t ignore the contender’s picture in the featherweight division.

At the top of that list is No. 2 ranked featherweight Chad Mendes who is all but locked in for the next title shot against champion Jose Aldo.

Roop is honest in his appraisal of what he feels will happen in that fight, albeit with very strong opinions about Mendes’ style in the cage.

“Mendes in my opinion he’s probably going to take it to (Jose) Aldo. Aldo will probably have to go get an abortion afterwards, but I do think he’ll win the fight,” Roop said in an interview with MMAWeekly Radio that will air next week.

Very strong words from Roop, who says time and time again he respects Mendes and his ability to ply his craft, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it.

“Chad Mendes is probably going to have to take him to planned parenthood afterwards, but I do think he’ll win that fight,” Roop said about a potential Aldo vs. Mendes match-up.

What is it that Roop finds so abhorrent about Mendes’ style?

“Chad Mendes is tough, his hands of come along really well, I personally think most of his fights have kind of been boring, but that’s the wrestling style,” Roop stated. “He does what he does very well.

“In my opinion, I think he’s going to be the next UFC featherweight champion. I think he’s going to have great cardio and (Mark) Hominick definitely exposed Jose Aldo. That’s the chink in Jose Aldo’s armor is his cardio.”

Roop doesn’t fault Mendes for employing his style in a fight, but it does frustrate him that opponents haven’t done more to stop it in the past. If he matches up with Mendes or another wrestler in the future, Roop is confident that his camp can put together the proper training to nullify that style in a fight.

“I’m an honest person and it bothers me that you can’t stop it,” Roop said about Mendes’ wrestling. “If that’s the game plan you need to win, then that’s the game plan you need to win.”

His words may be strong, but Roop is ready to back them up with his actions in the Octagon. After finishing former title contender Josh Grispi in his last fight, Roop is ready to do the same to former champion Hatsu Hioki in his UFC debut.

If you don’t know George Roop’s name right now, he’s planning on leaving a lasting impression at UFC 137.

“I’m focusing on the guy right in front of me, but I do plan on putting myself at least right in there in the conversation,” Roop said about being a contender at featherweight.

“I’m going to go out there and people are going to at least remember me and know who I am after this fight.”

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