Gegard Mousasi Stops Chris Weidman Amid Controversy (UFC 210 Results)

The UFC 210 co-main event between Chris Weidman and Gegard Mousasi ended in controversy on Saturday evening in Buffalo, N.Y.

Mousasi picked up a technical knockout, but it came after the referee put a pause on the action because he believed the Dutch fighter landed strikes to a downed Weidman. Ultimately, the strikes were considered legal and the fight was stopped at 3:31 of Round 2.

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Chris Weidman vs Gegard Mousasi UFC 210 faceoffEarly on, Mousasi’s hands were fast, but Weidman got two single-leg takedowns. He attempted a third, but Mousasi fought it off and did well to return the fight to a standing contest. Late in the first round, Mousasi slipped to his back and Weidman pursued, applying the ground and pound through the end of the round.

Mousasi began to unload with strikes shortly after the second frame began. Weidman was able to avoid major damage and circled out of danger. Weidman then secured another takedown and kept advantageous positions while his opponent scrambled.

After returning to the feet, Mousasi secured a front headlock. Weidman reached down to place his hands on the ground, taking away the option to knee to the head. Mousasi, however, applied the knees to the head at very short moments when his opponent’s hands were up.

After suffering the strikes, Weidman fell and referee Dan Miragliotta put a pause on the fight to allow officials to check Weidman. After some discussion, Miragliotta called the fight and the contest was officially stopped due to TKO.

Following the announcement of the fight’s result, color commentator Joe Rogan interviewed the fighters and Weidman was visibly upset. Mousasi said he likes his opponent and is open to a rematch. Weidman apologized to the crowd and said he thought his hands were down, assuming that knee strikes to the head would be illegal. After seeing the replay that showed one of his hands being up, he said he didn’t know what to say to it.

With the win, Mousasi improves to 42-6-2. In defeat, Weidman drops his third in a row and hasn’t seen a win since May of 2015, making his record 13-3.

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