Gegard Mousasi Equates Winning a Title to Winning an Oscar: ‘It Means a Lot But Somehow It Also Means Nothing’

Gegard Mousasi is no stranger to championship titles.

Over the course of his career, Mousasi has claimed championships in promotions such as Strikeforce and DREAM but he doesn’t go around bragging about it or showing off his gold belts in public.

The same will be said if Mousasi conquers his goal to become Bellator middleweight champion on Friday when he faces current 185-pound king Rafael Carvalho.

Mousasi has long wanted the opportunity to challenge for gold after he was never given the opportunity in the UFC but ultimately he looks at the title as a trophy rather than the way he wants to be identified for the rest of his career.

“It means a lot but somehow it also means nothing,” Mousasi said about the title when speaking to MMAWeekly. “Because it’s just a trophy but that belt is what I worked hard for, for a couple of years.

“It’s like getting an Oscar as an actor. It doesn’t mean anything, you did a good movie let’s say or you’re good fighter. Getting that belt is just a way to top it off.”

That kind of attitude might just be the most level headed reason a fighter has ever wanted to with a championship title and it’s part of why Mousasi has never been overwhelmed by these moments in the spotlight.

It’s not uncommon for fighters to wilt under the pressure of a championship bout because of all the extra scrutiny that comes along with a fight of that magnitude.Rafael Carvalho vs Gegard Mousasi Bellator 200 faceoff

For Mousasi, it’s just another day at the office and he’s put in all the hard work to ensure things go his way. No media obligations or main event spotlight is going to knock Mousasi off his game and that’s what makes him such a dangerous opponent for anyone stepping into the cage with him.

“If nothing goes wrong, I should be able to dominate him,” Mousasi said about facing Carvalho. “Because of my previous fight, it didn’t go the way I wanted, so I know it’s not all in my hands but I’ve done everything I can to have a very dominant performance.

“The training has gone so well. I’m very, very confident. After my last fight, during my training camp, sometimes you’re worried. I’m very confident I should be able to dominate. I’ve done everything to do that.”

In the lead up to the main event fight, Mousasi has been the topic of conversation far more often than the incumbent champion.

Of course, Mousasi was a high profile free agent signing for Bellator last year so it stands to reason why he’s had so much attention on him since first arriving. That doesn’t mean Mousasi is looking past Carvalho but he also knows the many advantages he has going into this fight.

“Of course he’s 14-1, he was undefeated for a very long time. He’s champion for a reason, he’s beat some good fighters but it’s nothing I’ve never seen before,” Mousasi said. “There’s nothing he can really surprise me with. He’s a southpaw and that’s tricky. He’s a solid fighter. He’s a strong fighter, a champion for a reason but I’m very well prepared. I studied him very well. I haven’t skipped anything with this fight.

“I should be able to win this fight 100-percent.”