Gegard Mousasi Demands Fight with Anderson Silva or Michael Bisping

Throughout his lengthy career, Gegard Mousasi has been one of the more mild mannered fighters in mixed martial arts.

He’s not one to trash talk, call names, or snag belts from other fighters, but as the focus on getting fights in the Octagon seems to transition more and more to the public splash that a fighter can make in riling up his foes, Mousasi is doing his best to accommodate.

Still, he’s not one to get disrespectful or call for ridiculous match-ups that are unwarranted, which is witnessed by his recent plea to the UFC: a fight with either Anderson Silva or Michael Bisping.

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Mousasi posted a public call to action on Tuesday via his Facebook page:

Gegard Mousasi - Anderson Silva - Michael Bisping “I respect both Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping a lot as sportsmen, fighters, and people. I enjoy their fights and the times we interacted. But I expect to face one of them for my next fight. It makes sense considering where the MW division is at, the fact we all last fought on the same show, and stylistically any of those match-ups will be beyond exciting.

“We are going to do this for the fans. I was a company man and stayed on board when I lost the Bisping fight the 1st time. Now it is time to make the fights that make sense. All the other relevant MW are booked or not available. Bisping, Anderson, and I are all free as we fought on the same night…and we are all ranked similarly. Now is the time!

“Dana and Lorenzo, lets make it happen for the fans!!”

Whether it is enough bluster to get the UFC’s attention remains to be seen, but it appears to be working for everyone else, so why not? Considering the champion Luke Rockhold is already paired up with Chris Weidman, and the fact that Silva and Bisping just fought, with Bisping surviving to a narrow victory, either pairing is a bout that makes sense.

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