by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com

Manny Gamburyan made a successful return to the Octagon defeating Nate<br /> Mohr at UFC 79

Manny Gamburyan made a successful return to the Octagon
defeating Nate Mohr at UFC 79. It was his first fight since a shoulder
separation prevented him from the chance to finish his fight with Nate Diaz at
the Ultimate Fighter Season 5 Finale.


“I was very happy that I was back and I knew I was going to
win,” said a confident Gamburyan. “I didn’t know I was going to submit him
that quick. I’m looking forward to fighting again in March or April.”


After the fight was over it was revealed that Mohr suffered
a knee injury and in an interview with MMAWeekly.com, the Jeff Curran trained
lightweight discounted the fight ending submission saying, “He was no threat to
my ankle at all.”


Gamburyan disagreed with that assessment.


“I heard underneath my armpit, I just popped something
really bad,” he commented. “At that second I knew I broke something. I went
to the locker room, shook his hand and I’m like ‘sorry about that.’


“It’s a fight. Anything can happen, but that comment that he’s
having on me, no that’s not a good thing, but whatever, he’s not going to get a
rematch for sure, but whatever, that’s his comments.”


Now, Gamburyan will move on to face more top competition in
the lightweight division, but there’s no doubt that he has unfinished business
from his season of the Ultimate Fighter.


“I want to fight anybody at 155, but I’m pretty sure you
guys all know who I want to fight,” Gamburyan said in reference to eventual
season five winner Nate Diaz.


Gamburyan suffered his shoulder separation in the second
round of their finale fight and he is ready to take another shot at Diaz in the
near future.


“Even he knows we have to do it again. That’s not fair,”
said Gamburyan. “I don’t got nothing to prove to anybody. He doesn’t have
nothing to prove to anybody. We’ve got to do the thing again, one more time.”


As he previously stated, Gamburyan hopes to return to action
in March or April, but no official announcements have come from the UFC as of