by Lee Whitehead – MMAWeekly.com



With 17 fighters pulling out leading up to the event due to a variety of ailments, injuries and opponent changes, you’d be forgiven for thinking the night might go ahead with only a handful of fights; but the promoters have done a sterling job at maintaining a full event fight card for the attending audience.

Emmanuel Fernandez proved beyond a shadow of doubt that he is a champion fully deserving of his title with a solid win over challenger Paul Reed. The opening round found both fighters content to trade standing, with Reed scoring first blood over his French adversary, bloodying his nose and stunning him with hard jabs; Reed pretty much won the opening round with his striking exchange, but found himself waiting out a solid triangle attempt enabling the fight to move into the second round.

Seconds out, round two, and it was clear that Fernandez had worked out exactly what he had to do to secure victory, and so, he pursued the takedown relentlessly in order to achieve his aim, and from there set about working the rear naked choke for the tap at 3:37.

Kym Farrid looked unstoppable in his demolishing of Rocci Williams, having picked up the win courtesy of some precise, yet vicious ground and pound from mount 1:11 seconds from the bell. Farrid’s opening attack was a beautiful shoot at his opponent, and he kept mixing things up from there, conserving energy and picking his shots, his composure and timing really coming to the fore – it didn’t take many shots to prompt the referee to step in an call time in order to protect Williams.

It has been a long time since Brad Pickett lost the Cage Rage Featherweight title to Robbie Olivier, and he has had some high’s and low’s, but his progression as a fighter during that time is clear for all to witness, and this latest win over Frederic Fernandez underlines that progress.

Pickett employed the perfect strategy against Fernandez by way of sprawl and brawl, that’s not to say he didn’t find himself in danger on the ground though as he spent a considerable amount of time defending against a rear naked choke and avoiding the setup for an armbar – but he remained unperturbed.

The second round is where Pickett really impressed, his striking looking ever crisp, landing quick combos and deflecting the shoot, before using under-hooks to bring his opponent back up and to fire in the knees; when they went to the ground, he mixed things up with a thunderous assault to the body using punches, elbows and knees; leaving Fernandez’s ribs swollen and blotchy.

From standing, and 3:57 seconds in, a game Pickett jumped to guard in order to apply a guillotine submission to record the win and line himself up as the next logical challenger for Emmanuel Fernandez’s FX3 World Title.

Team Roughhouse fighter Deam Amasinger came back from injury sustained via heelhook in his previous outing full of energy and determination, he looked possessed in this bout against Gary Mathers and worked a furious ground and pound assault following his opening takedown. Amazingly, Mathers refused to be cut under the onslaught of elbows raining down on him from mount, but as the fight wore on it was obvious he wasn’t going to be able to get out of the position and forced a referee stoppage due to Ground and Pound.

Brendan Flanigan’s early run at a guillotine on opponent Nick Osipczak proved fruitless and from there he was under a barrage of strikes without the strength to get out from underneath. Osipczak looked to be packing a lot of power into his shots and it didn’t take many unanswered blows from the debutant fighter to call time on the bout.

Looking at his record, Osipczak has worked his way up the ranks from amateur, to semi-pro before and should mark himself out as one to watch in future.

Andrew Burnett and Nigel Whitear had an entertaining scrap throwing heavy leather at each other from an early clinch before hitting the ground – with Whitear on his back; Burnett managed to open up a cut in the eye line of his adversary by way of a sharp elbow strike, a quick doctor’s check followed, they then resumed in the same position – with Burnett continuing his elbow assault to call time on the bout.

The opening bout of the evening was a back and forth affair between Jared Farre and Greg Knapp who both looked frustrated at not being able to get into their respective grooves. Farre had a good run at a triangle in the first, and Knapp followed suit with the same move in the second, but ultimately, the two fighters were quite evenly matched and the bout went to Farre by way of split decision.

MMA Matches:

Jared Farre def Greg Knapp via Split Decision R3 5:00

Andrew Burnett def Nigel Whitear via GNP R1 3:49
Nick Osipczak def Brendan Flanigan via GNP R1 1:16

Dean Amasinger def Gary Mathers via GNP R1 4:13
Brad Pickett def Frederic Fernandez via Guillotine R2 3:57
Rocci Williams V’s Kym Farrid via GNP R1 1:11
Emmanuel Fernandez def Paul Reed via RNC R2 3:37

Cage Kickboxing Matches:

James Stabler def Brendan Ritchie via TKO R1 1:15

Phil Pallen def Rob Nisham via TKO R1 1:58
Nathan Ward def Azran Quassid via KO R1 1:35