(Kristian Rothaermel photo courtesy of Spike TV)

The complete line-up has been set for the UFC’s June 28th Ultimate Fight Night special, which will air from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM as the lead-in to the premiere of Blade: The Series on Spike TV.

In addition to the fights that have been listed for several weeks in MMAWeekly’s Rumors section, one new bout has been added, as Ultimate Fighter 3 contestant Kristian Rothaermel will take on TUF 2 contestant Rob MacDonald.

Along with Noah Inhofer and Tait Fletcher, Rothaermel was excluded from TUF 3’s finale event, which will take place on June 24th. Unlike Inhofer and Fletcher, Rothaermel still has an upcoming fight in the UFC.

Inhofer, Fletcher, and Rothaermel all turned down opportunities to continue fighting on TUF 3. The difference between Rothaermel and the others is that Rothaermel had physical reasons for not wanting to fight again on TUF 3. Rothaermel had a huge cut on the top of his head, whereas Inhofer left the show to see his girlfriend and Fletcher turned down a chance to return because he didn’t feel mentally up for it.

Rothaermel lost to Michael Bisping by KO on The Ultimate Fighter 3. His opponent, Rob MacDonald, lost to Brad Imes by submission on The Ultimate Fighter 2, and later lost to Jason Lambert by submission on the UFC 58 card this past March.

The main card bouts on Ultimate Fight Night 5 will be Anderson Silva vs. Chris Leben, Stephan Bonnar vs. Rashad Evans, and Luke Cummo vs. Jonathan Goulet. Beyond those three fights, the two fights that would likely be given the highest priority for airing on the two-hour broadcast are Josh Koscheck vs. Dave Menne, and Mark Hominick vs. Jorge Gurgel.

The fights that are extremely unlikely to air on the two-hour broadcast on June 28th, but could still air on future installments of UFC Unleashed, are Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves, Jason Lambert vs. Branden Lee Hinkle, Justin Levens vs. Jorge Santiago, and Kristian Rothaermel vs. Rob MacDonald.

To recap, here is the complete line-up for the June 28th Ultimate Fight Night event in Las Vegas:

-Anderson Silva vs. Chris Leben

-Stephan Bonnar vs. Rashad Evans

-Luke Cummo vs. Jonathan Goulet

-Josh Koscheck vs. Dave Menne

-Jorge Gurgel vs. Mark Hominick

-Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves

-Jason Lambert vs. Branden Lee Hinkle

-Justin Levens vs. Jorge Santiago

-Kristian Rothaermel vs. Rob MacDonald