This Sunday night should be a very interesting one. Fox Sports Network who will be airing their monthly Pride Fighting Championships show Sunday night and now they will also air an documentary on the UFC.

The following press release describing the event is on the FSN website. This is what they have as their rundown for the show.

“Sunday., October 16th: BEYOND THE GLORY: ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP. Fox Sports Network’s documentary show looks at the best mixed-martial arts organization in the world. Beyond The Glory shows how UFC rose from local brawls to an international phenomenon that made UFC fighters household names. Beyone The Glory UFC airs at 6:00 PM local time. Check your local listings for times in your area.”

It appears from the description that this will be a positive piece. Fox Sports Network has aired plenty of MMA programming so it seems as though they “get it” when it comes to our sport. It will be interesting to see how they portray the sport this Sunday night.

Of course the ironic part is tonight FSN will also air the Pride Fighting Championships right after the telecast on the UFC. Should be a good night for MMA fans.