From Fighter to Broadcaster to Politician? Chael Sonnen Believes Brian Stann Will Run for Senate

August 3, 2013

Brian Stann UFC 130 pre pressBrian Stann recently retired from fighting, taking on even more duties as an analyst for Fox Sports, as well as a new role on Fox Sports South as part of it’s college football coverage.

He’s a decorated Marine, an All American from his time at the Naval Academy, and is considered one of the most virtuous men to ever set foot in the Octagon.

All of that said, could Brian Stann eventually be headed for a role in politics, which most Americans believe is currently desperately lacking in the qualities that most believe make Stann such a shining example for others to follow?

Chael Sonnen believes so.

“Brian Stann is an outsanding human being. And I mean this literally, he could go on to be the president of the United States,” said Sonnen on Thursday’s Mark Levin radio show. “If you look at what he’s done from the Silver Star, he’s an All American from the Naval Academy, he’s squeaky clean, he’s honorable, integrity, he’s a father, he’s a husband… he’s going to run for the, maybe I’m breaking his news, but he is going to run for the United States Senate in Georgia.”’s sources indicated that Stann was too busy making the transition from full-time fighter to full-time broadcaster to consider running for any office right now, but considering his background, it wouldn’t be a stretch by any means to believe it could one day be something Stann pursues.

Sonnen has long lobbied for Stann to step into the political arena, and honestly believes that he would be successful… no Chael schtick attached to this one. Ever more so, he believes that Stann holds the qualities needed in a political world that is currently hitting rock bottom as far as approval ratings.

“He will win that. And I assure you, at some point, they will run him for the White House,” Sonnen continued. “He is a man of integrity, he’s a conservative, he’s a Republican, but he’s also got some views that are very moderate. He will really appeal to the masses.

“He’s well spoken, he’s straightforward, he’s everything that you wish a politician would be, he just is as a person from his Marine time and being a leader.

“When he walks into a room, it doesn’t matter how old you are or who you are, he commands a certain amount of respect. It’s very unique and very rare, but he is a natural leader. I’m telling you, he may be the president some day, literally.”

Stann was in Brazil, filling in for Joe Rogan on the UFC 163 broadcast, and did not immediately respond to a request for comment at the time of publication.

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