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Rich Franklin was today’s featured guest on MMAWeekly Radio and he talked about Matt Lindland’s comments, his game plan for Nate Quarry, and thoughts on a rematch with Lyoto Machida today on MMAWeekly Radio. If you missed the interview listen to the radio archive right now!

So how has life changed for Rich Franklin since he’s been a champion and a TV star? “Nothing’s changed. I still go to church on Sundays and keep busy in the community,” Franklin told MMAWeekly’s Ryan Bennett. He is well recognized and respected not only in Cincinnati, but beloved by fellow professional athletes including Major League Baseball’s Cincinnati Reds.

“I had a chance to throw out the first pitch this year at the games which was very cool. All-Star Adam Dunn actually wanted to catch the first pitch, so that was very cool.” Franklin will have his regular cheering section this weekend, but he will also have an “all-star” cast as well. Franklin will have his family there cheering him on, but he will also have some select company in attendance as well.

In addition to the all-star Adam Dunn, one of the best players in Major League History, Ken Griffey Jr. will also be in attendance. “I’m a huge fan of them and it’s weird that they are fans of me now. It’s cool to have these guys supporting me this weekend in Las Vegas,” Franklin told MMAWeekly.

So is he taking this fight with Nathan Quarry seriously? Listen to the champion himself today on MMAWeekly Radio. Franklin will be today’s featured guest as he talks with MMAWeekly Radio’s Ryan Bennett and Professional Fighter Frank Trigg LIVE at 9am Pacific/12 Noon eastern.

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