Frankie Edgar: Jose Aldo Super Fight ‘Intriguing’

February 24, 2012

For years, all the talk among MMA fans was about a potential super fight between UFC champions Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre.

More recently the talk has shifted to Anderson Silva possibly facing off in a mega bout against UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones.

Well one fight that has always been on the radar is a potential super fight between UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar and featherweight champ Jose Aldo.

The two fighters have long been linked together because of Aldo’s talk of eventually moving to lightweight, while Edgar has been considered a featherweight masking himself as a lightweight for years.

It’s a subject that comes up often for Edgar, but his focus is solely on his UFC 144 Japan opponent Benson Henderson. Still, he takes it as a compliment that fans want to see him in a super fight of that magnitude.

“Just like Georges (St-Pierre) and Anderson (Silva), it’s an intriguing fight for the fans,” Edgar told MMAWeekly Radio. “Down the road, we’ll see what happens. I’m not looking past Ben, I’d be a fool to do so.”

While Edgar has a very clear obstacle in his path currently with Benson Henderson standing directly in front of him, the UFC’s top featherweight doesn’t have the same kind of problem currently.

Aldo most recently defeated top contender Chad Mendes at UFC 141 in January, and as of right now there isn’t a clearly defined top contender at 145 pounds.

Does that mean Aldo is willing to go up in weight to challenge the UFC’s lightweight champion?

Not necessarily, but it does seem to at least crack open the door to the possibility.

“It is interesting to see what could happen down the road,” Edgar said about the potential fight with Aldo.

For now it’s a “wait and see” fight, but in the realm of super fights in MMA, Edgar vs. Aldo could be one of the biggest.

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