Frankie Edgar Not Dropping to 145lbs, Wants Immediate Rematch with Henderson

February 26, 2012

When Frankie Edgar first captured the UFC lightweight title from B.J. Penn in April 2010, he won by unanimous decision.

Still some felt Penn, who had widely been considered the top lightweight in the sport and one of the best pound-for-pound fighters on the planet, deserved a rematch so UFC officials opted to give him one more shot at Edgar.

Edgar won that fight by an even wider margin to defend his lightweight title.

Fast forward to his two bouts with Gray Maynard in 2011, and while few would argue after their UFC 125 bout ended in a draw that a rematch should occur, Edgar stormed back in the next fight and knocked Maynard out to truly define himself as the top lightweight in the sport.

On Saturday night at UFC 144, Frankie Edgar lost a close and somewhat controversial decision to now champion Benson Henderson. Following the fight, UFC President Dana White stated he believed Edgar won, and the New Jersey native definitely agreed with him.

“I don’t want to take anything away from Ben. He did a great job, but I do feel I won that fight,” Edgar said after the bout was over.

On Sunday, Edgar’s manager Ali Abdel-Aziz says their objective is clear and it’s pretty certain what they want.

“Frankie deserves a rematch,” Abdel-Aziz told “We’re going to ask for a rematch.

“I talked to Lorenzo (Fertitta) and he believes Frankie scored 3 to 2, Dana White scored Frankie winning the fight.”

Another issue that Abdel-Aziz had problems with after UFC 144 was over was the amount of questions being thrown at Edgar about dropping down to the featherweight division. Is Edgar the biggest fighter at 155lbs? Absolutely not. But his manager believes he’s proven he can hang with the best of the best at lightweight, and one close controversial loss won’t force him to drop to 145lbs.

“Frankie in the future will go down to 145, but he’s not going to go down now, he’s not. He’s not getting manhandled, he’s not getting destroyed, he won the fight,” Abdel-Aziz stated.

“Frankie’s not the type of guy to lose and then just cower and move to 145. This kid has so much heart and determination.”

The UFC has yet to make an official decision regarding what will happen next for Benson Henderson or Frankie Edgar, but after several title defenses and two rematches of his own, it seems like the now former champion has earned at least the argument for another shot at regaining the belt.

Abdel-Aziz will has requested a rematch for Edgar to face Benson Henderson again. Will it happen? will have more information when it becomes available.

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