Frankie Edgar: King of the Rematch

April 27, 2012

Frankie Edgar
When Frankie Edgar defeated B.J. Penn to win the UFC lightweight title, some called it a fluke. Some called it bad judging. So they fought again.

In the rematch, Edgar dominated Penn for five rounds to solidify his place as the top lightweight in the world.

After losing to Gray Maynard in their first fight, Edgar was almost knocked out in the first round of his second bout with the former Michigan State wrestler, but somehow battled back and ended up getting a draw.

In the rematch, Edgar knocked out Maynard to retain his UFC lightweight title and put an end to the rivalry after an epic trilogy of fights.

Now Edgar looks to find his rematch magic once again as he faces Benson Henderson later this year, as he tries to recapture the UFC lightweight title.

Check out this interview with Frankie Edgar as he talks about the rematch with Henderson and how he adapts so well the second time around: