by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Frankie Edgar did on Saturday what no 155-pound fighter has done since Jens Pulver in 2002. He defeated B.J. Penn to win the UFC lightweight championship in Abu Dhabi at UFC 112.

“Speed kills” could be a t-shirt for Edgar following his performance at UFC 112, as he used superior movement to out quick Penn, sticking and moving, while slipping in punch after punch to catch the Hawaiian.

Penn looked like he had more power, but just couldn’t catch Edgar who was able to move side to side and keep the champion guessing at every turn.

Edgar also accomplished something that no other lightweight has done in Penn’s title reign, which is land a takedown, although it didn’t put the champion down for long, it was a statement of the fight for the New Jersey native.

The fourth and fifth rounds saw Penn slow down, which proved that Edgar’s movement was not only winning the fight, but effecting the Hawaiian’s new found gas tank. Edgar never stopped moving and in doing so popped Penn with quick and furious punches.

As the judges scores were announced, elation washed over Edgar as he was awarded the decision and the UFC lightweight belt.

“This is it, B.J. is the greatest lightweight ever and I just beat him,” said Edgar after winning the title. “I just hope I can be half the champion he was.”

The celebration will carry back to the Jersey shores, Edgar with his new championship belt in tow.

The next challenge for the new champion may be quick to jump out of the shadows as Gray Maynard is probably smiling somewhere in Las Vegas. He is the only fighter to ever defeat Frankie Edgar.

For tonight though, the night belongs to Frankie “The Answer” Edgar.