Frankie Edgar gives health update following back and hip surgery

Former UFC champion Frankie Edgar is on the mend.

According to MMA Junkie, Edgar underwent a microdiscectomy which “was intended to remove part or all of a bulging or herniated disc in the lower spine.”

He gave fans an update on that procedure on his “Champ and The Tramp” podcast.

“So far, so good,” Edgar said. “Obviously a little sore, but the reason I went there – it feels like it worked. I always push too hard, sometimes. … I feel really good. I want to do more. I can’t twist and turn and bend over. I feel like I can do all that, but I’m trying to sustain in the meantime.”

This isn’t the first time he’s had this surgery. At the age of 18, he had it done on a different part of his spine and he went on to have an illustrious MMA career. He also had hip surgery earlier this year.

“I’m glad I got it done,” Edgar said. “I’m hoping it stays feeling like it does. Two surgeries and now I’m fine walking around.”

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Edgar is coming off two back-to-back KO losses and with his age, many have wondered if it was time for him to hang up his gloves.

He addressed that on his podcast in November.

“Everybody’s going to bring up the f*cking retirement and this and that, and I’m not gonna answer it because I don’t know what it is honestly,” Edgar said on his “Champ and the Tramp” podcast. “I just want to know when I do retire, I’m never coming back. I’m not ready for that yet. I’m not ready to make that decision yet.