Frankie Edgar doesn’t want to be done, but retirement not off the table

Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar suffered his back-to-back knockout loss at UFC 268 and there’s discussion about whether the 40-year old should retire.

On episode 100 of Edgar’s Champ and the Tramp podcast, Edgar discussed his knockout loss to Marlon Vera and addressed the possibility to retirement.

“I lost that fight. That’s done. I’m proud of my performance. I’m proud of my team. I’m proud of the way I prepare. I do everything the right way. I was 100-percent ready for the fight,” Edgar said on the podcast.

“I feel like I was doing well in the fight, the first round especially. The second round was a little bit closer. The third round, I thought I was really doing well too. I started picked up the pace, landed a lot of punches. I just got hit with that up-kick. I wish the ref would have let it go a little bit longer.

“Do I think it was an early stoppage? A little bit,” Edgar said. “The refs job is to make sure I’m safe and I get it. I have no qualms about that.”

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The loss to Vera was Edgar’s fourth in his last fight fights, five of his last seven. Four of them have been by knockout.

“Everyone’s going to bring up the f*cking retirement and this and that. And I’m not going to answer it because I don’t know what it is, honestly,” Edgar said. “When I do retire, I’m never coming back. I’m not ready for that yet. I’m not ready to make the decision yet,” he said.

“I know I’ve got a lot left to give this sport in many ways. My spirit doesn’t want to be done. That’s for sure. I still feel like I can still do this high level.”

(Video Courtesy of Champ and The Tramp)

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