Frank Shamrock, "We’re doing sports entertainment… not sports."

Frank Shamrock was close to the Seth Petruzelli and Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson situation being Ken Shamrock’s adoptive brother, offering to step in for Ken after a cut forced him out of the scheduled main event on CBS on Oct. 4 and being one of the broadcasters who called the action that night. Shamrock gave his opinon on Petruzelli’s original comments alleging EliteXC paid him to stand with “Kimbo Slice.”

“I’ve had promoters tell me all kinds of crazy stuff. But you don’t listen to the promoters. You listen to your coach. You listen to your trainer because the promoter is out for the promoter,” acknowledged Shamrock. “Did something weird happen? I doubt it. But it makes a great story and it makes great news.”

At this point, it doesn’t matter what actually transpired. Public perception is all that matters. And the public perception is that EliteXC paid Seth Petruzelli to fight a certain way. “People are always going to believe what they want to believe about a sport that’s so sexy and dangerous, that walks the line in society,” said Shamrock. “We’re always going to have people that are butting up against the back of the sport for their own reasons. The truth is, when there’s a lot of money involved all kinds of weird stuff happens.”

Shamrock continued, “I know for a fact that the commissions and most of these promoters are good guys looking after their guys. And you know what? There’s always bad business inside of business. I just don’t think bad business happened here. I think, you know, uneducated encouragement happened here. I think zealous promotion happened here, but we’re in the business of that. It’s like we’re doing sports entertainment. We’re not doing sports.”