Frank Shamrock Was Clear to Fight Kimbo

Frank Shamrock offered to step up and fight Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson when adoptive brother Ken Shamrock was forced out of the bout due to a cut received the day of the event. Frank thinks EliteXC made a mistake making him the replacement and going with Seth Petruzelli instead.

“I thought the best decision of the night was to let me fight Kimbo which was definitely on the table,” said the former UFC middleweight titleholder. “I think at the end of the day Kimbo got a little bit exposed. CBS threw MMA out there and that’s what happens. That’s what mixed martial arts is. I don’t think network television gets it yet, but this is going to happen again. Weird, crazy stuff is going to happen again.”

According to Frank, he thought he could be the replacement up until the moments before the broadcast began live on CBS. “Until an hour before the show I thought I was going to fight Kimbo as the main event,” stated the San Jose resident. “I had hung my suit up and had the boys getting me shorts and mouth piece and stuff. I was going to pick one of two outfits and it was going to be a heck of a night either way.”

EliteXC head of fight operations Jeremy Lappen previously stated that Frank Shamrock stepping in on such short notice was unrealistic and cited the inability to get Shamrock medically cleared in such a short time frame prevented the match up from happening. Frank Shamrock disagreed. “I got myself cleared, and I got everything ready to fight. But no one gave me the okay. No one gave me the lets do this thing.”

“I actually called Armando (Garcia). He expressed concerned about my arm. I had my assistant call my doctor and had that cleared. All my medical stuff was still current,” added the mixed martial arts veteran. “I had been medically cleared to fight, so it was just somebody making the decision. I think it was probably a pretty hefty decision to be made which is why it didn’t get done.”

The hold up was most likely the payout EliteXC would have had to give Frank to step in for the older Shamrock.