by Jeff Cain
Frank Shamrock vs Cesar Gracie has been brewing for what seems like an eternity. They’ve exchanged harsh words on numerous occasions, questioning the others willingness to sign the dotted line. The two legendary names in Mixed Martial Arts were scheduled to put the long standing feud to rest on October 1st, but the fight was postponed. Shamrock spoke exclusively to MMAWeekly about his fight with Cesar Gracie, the reason for the delay, and the launching of the Shamrock Martial Arts Academy chain.

“The fight is still on,” Frank Shamrock told MMAWeekly last night. He added, “Everything is done. I’ve been paid, so you know it’s going to happen. We’re just waiting on the commission. The California Athletic Commission originally approved our October 1st date and gave us their blessing. Then they got a new commissioner, I believe, and everything has been kind of bureaucratically delayed since then.”

Questioned about when the word will come down from the commission to allow a concrete date to be set, Shamrock responded, “They have told us by mid October they’ll know when it can be done. I don’t know if they’re going to let us do it this year, or next year, or whatever. Honestly, I don’t know.”

The bout between Shamrock and Gracie has been over two years in the making. It’s been on again, off again in a few different organizations. The two had an in ring stare-down at Rumble on the Rock in May of last year, but the October 1st date was to be held in San Jose, California. Frank talked about the difficulty in preparing for a fight that has no foreseeable date. “Dude it sucks. I’ve been training for like two years now. It’s ridiculous. I’ve laid off a little bit. I’ve dumped the cardio and the hardcore explosive stuff because I don’t know when the date is, so I can’t narrow it down. We’re still training.”

In the meantime, Shamrock has been focused on his team. He commented, “The team’s doing really well. I’ve been working on the submission fighting team for awhile. I’ve got guys that are in an upcoming Strike Force kickboxing show, which will be kind of cool…It’s here in San Jose. It should show on ESPN2. I’ve got two of my young guys on there doing amateur kickboxing, Clint Coronel and Sean Basset…They’re actually MMA fighters, but we do everything here at the Shamrock Camp.”

Shamrock also announced his intentions to launch a nationwide chain of schools starting in California. He stated, “I’m going to open a chain of Martial Arts schools, Shamrock Martial Arts Academies. I’m going to do it nationwide. We’re going to start locally here, just three in the valley, and we’ve got a five year plan of expansion. One of my students and partners, Kelly Dullanty, is my partner in that. We’ve been raising money, putting a business plan together, and getting ready to launch this Shamrock Martial Arts company…We should have a flagship school open this year in, it looks like, Willow Glen, which is a suburb of San Jose. I’m real excited about that. A new business venture for me, and we’re targeting mostly traditional or regular Martial Artists and then kids. We really feel like Mixed Martial Arts should be taught properly with good tradition and a good sound system to our children because nobody needs to be more prepared than our kids.”

Frank Shamrock vs Cesar Gracie is still on. As soon as the California Athletic Commission gives the OK, a concrete date will be set. Until then, we will have to do exactly what Frank Shamrock is doing, wait.