Frank Shamrock Training Center Now Open

June 30, 2005

The Shamrock Training Center opened for business in San Jose California and by all accounts is doing well. The final touches are being put on the dorms, but now that the new gym is open, classes started, and everything in it’s place, The Shamrock Submission Fighting Team is looking for new team members, and instructors.

Tryouts for the team will be held at noon on the first and third Friday of every month, which means this Friday a tryout will be held. The open tryouts aren’t limited to experienced fighters. From the inexperienced to the very experienced are welcome to come and tryout. “Skill level is not as important as attitude and desire.” Said Frank Shamrock.

In order to make the training facility all it can be, The Shamrock Training Center is looking for a striking/kickboxing instructor, as well as a wrestling coach. Along with instructors, they’re looking for a chiropractor for the team as well. Anyone interested should send inquiries and/or resumes to