Frank Mir Blames Ego for Loss to Fedor

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has been one of the top grapplers in mixed martial arts since he debuted nearly 17 years ago. He’s also become recognized for the tremendous strides he’s made in his stand-up game in recent years. 

But all of that flew out the window at Bellator 198 when Fedor Emelianenko bruised his ego. 

Mir started strong, forcing Fedor to the canvas right out of the gate, but the former Pride FC champ regained his feet and threw Mir to the mat, which is where things started to go south.

Fedor Emelianenko tosses Frank Mir at Bellator 198“That kinda hurt my ego. I gotta admit, it embarrassed me to get tossed through the air like that,” Mir said on a recent episode of his podcast, Phone Booth Fighting. “So when we got up, I kind of went into street fighter mode. I just started throwing left hand after left hand instead of setting up my strikes and being composed, which, two years since I’ve competed seriously, my composure was not what it should’ve been.”

That is when things went from bad to worse, as Mir overextended on his punches and Fedor countered with a left uppercut that put him on all fours. Fedor unloaded with left hands, leaving the referee with no choice but to call a halt to the bout.

“That’s probably where the most ring rust came into it, is once I got into a firefight, I just got emotional instead of staying strategic,” Mir continued.

“I lost my cool. I let my ego dictate how I fought. Before that, I’m pretty good at being very emotionless and not trying to let that enter it. Once I got thrown through the air, and it was such a highlight-reel kind of throw, my ego was very injured.”

Frank Mir Wants to Make a Quick Return to the Cage

Instead of sitting back and licking his wounds, Mir would like nothing more than to get back in the cage. After all, he sat on the shelf for two years dealing with a UFC Anti-Doping Violation prior to the Fedor fight. With nearly two decades in the fight game, Mir realizes that the best way to get his legs back under him is to return to the cage as quickly as possible and more time under his belt.

The only problem is, he doesn’t want to wait as long as Bellator has in mind for him to do so. They apparently want him to wait until sometime around October, but Mir wants a fight before then. 

A ringside announcer for Absolute Championship Berut (ACB), Mir had it written into his contract with Bellator that, with their permission, he could take a fight with ACB, as long as it doesn’t interfere with Bellator’s plans. That is the route he would like to pursue.

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“(Bellator is) talking about October. I’m like, okay, that’s cool, I would like to get a fight in with ACB before that so I can just get more time clocked under me, so I can get my timing back on for fighting,” Mir explained.

“There’s nothing like it. We can train as much as you want, but there’s nothing like the real thing. I’ve had 40 seconds in the last two years, so I need some more time, some more rounds.”

The details of a fight with ACB have yet to be discussed, so that idea remains in flux until all parties come to the table with a specific date and opponent in mind.

(Courtesy of phoneboothfighting)