Francis Ngannou Calls President Trump the ‘Shame of America’ After Controversial ‘S–thole’ Comments

January 18, 2018

It doesn’t look like Francis Ngannou will be visiting the White House should he win the UFC heavyweight title on Saturday night.

In the lead up to his battle against Stipe Miocic in the main event at UFC 220, Ngannou was asked about President Donald Trump’s controversial comments where he reportedly called Haiti and several African nations as “s–thole” countries while speaking in a closed door meeting about immigration reform.

Ngannou, who hails from Cameroon, did not seem happy with what Trump had to say about Africa, particularly thanks to the fact that his rags to riches story was built on his ability to immigrate to the United States to pursue his dream to become UFC champion.

“That guy is the shame of America,” Ngannou told TSN on Thursday. “America is a country build out of immigration, America is a country of immigration and America is a country the entire world is looking at more like an example. Just like how America is going to try to view their own country and to see someone just break down the reputation of America that those other presidents as Barack Obama, other famous people like Martin Luther King, it’s just a shame.”

Ngannou’s comments come just a day after UFC president Dana White pledged his support to President Trump while also mentioning that he had talked to the Commander-In-Chief about potentially bringing UFC champions to the White House.

White supported President Trump throughout his campaign and since he’s been elected while revealing that they still talk on a regular basis.

White did add, however, that he doesn’t support everything the President says or does and doesn’t police how UFC athletes feel about Trump or his politics.

“I don’t get into beefs with people because of political beliefs,” White told the Boston Herald this week. “If you’re a Democrat, if you’re the craziest liberal ever, whatever your deal is, that’s your personal [belief]. That’s one of the great things about being an American.”