Fox News edits photo of Johny Hendricks’ daughter to show her holding a grenade

Former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks was surprised to see a photo of his daughter featured in a Fox News segment holding a grenade.

In a segment by Jesse Watters titled, “Welcome to Camp ANTIFA” the network used a stock photo of Hendricks’ young daughter. The photo was edited to show Hendricks’ daughter holding a grenade.

“Welcome to Camp ANTIFA, where kids learn to check their privilege, hate cops, and lecture you on climate change,” host Jesse Watters said in the segment. “Who doesn’t want to send their kid there?”

Hendricks called out the cable channel, and Watters, on social media and shared the original photo of his daughter holding a tin can.

“Find another model! She’s cute, but she loves cops. Her dad is one @JesseBWatters#FoxNews,” Hendricks wrote.

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Hendricks’ wife, Christina, also took exception to the use of an altered photo of her daughter being used by the network.

“Slept on it… Still not ok,” she wrote on Facebook.

Hendricks is currently a full-time police officer in Texas. He last competed inside the octagon in November 2017.