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BRENTWOOD, Essex, England – Cage Fighters Championships held its fifth event, “Sudden Impact,” on Saturday night in front of a bustling crowd at the Brentwood International Arena showcasing a heady mix of Amateur and Professional fights – four of which had title implications.

CFC offered an interesting proposition from a card stacked with a total of 19 fights, but the way to look at it is as an evening of two halves; the first of which is a platform from where amateur fighters get to cut their teeth and gain experience, then the professionals take center stage after a 30-minute break.

Clearly the promotion has given a great deal of thought on how to present the show, with a large cage, excellent access and lighting, as well as some quality matchmaking, the only thing that let’s things down is the absence of a trusted referee such as Marc Goddard, Leon Roberts or Grant Waterman. As such, the night was littered with mistakes…

Top of the bill was the encounter between Tsunami fighter Jack Mason and veteran Darren Geisha – a scrappy bout between the two marred by repeated, unpunished illegal elbow strikes to the back of the head by Geisha on his opponent. Furthermore, following a dominating display of ground and pound, the action was halted for a fighter check, before a restart on their feet. This was clearly to the detriment of Mason who had been in a solid position of control mounted limpet-like to his opponents back with the hooks in, still actively working to finish the fight.

Thankfully this didn’t affect the flow of proceedings and following the start of the second round, Mason locked home a tight guillotine. Geisha proved to be tough and resistant at first, but the hold was on too tight and he eventually succumbed to the submission. Jack Mason is crowned the CFC British Middleweight Champion.

Defending CFC Heavyweight Champion Karlos Vemola entered the cage and immediately got in the face of Markus Hipp before the bell even rang. Clearly a man focused on the prize, he stormed over from the bell unleashing a barrage of strikes that forced Hipp to the ground clutching his shoulder in pain. Consultation with the doctor post-fight confirmed that he had a severe muscle pull, possibly labrum, and was forced to tap.

It was good to see Rodney Glunder (formerly Faverus) find his mojo again following a tentative performance over James Zikic last time out on these shores. No such luck for opponent Arnoldas Joknys this time as he closed the distance early and applied a heavy-handed ground and pound assault to lift the CFC light heavyweight strap.

Yasubey Enomoto flew in from Switzerland in order to take on tough BJJ specialist Henrique Santana for the welterweight title. Fully aware of Santana’s skills on the ground, Enomoto applied a clinical use of the rubber guard throughout their encounter to shut down any offense and line up his own submission attempts in the form of the Kimura and figure four.

Whilst Santana was clearly frustrated at being unable to find the space he required to apply his game, Enomoto was jubilant during his crowning as Champion by unanimous decision.

Tough Polish fighter Radek Piechnic annihilated opponent Mali Richardson with his vicious ground and pound attack, aided by excellent positioning from mount that his opponent was unable to escape. Tommy Maguire battled through two heavy groin shots en route to a unanimous decision victory over Mark Harrison. Scott Jansen tore through overmatched opponent Lee Livesly in a barrage of punches to get back on the winning track and Ashleigh Snart had to dig deep in his encounter with Deano Durrant before securing the arm triangle submission win.

In another example of questionable refereeing, the bout between Ronnie Slater and Danny Lawson was left to run on for way too long as the former proceeded to pound his opponent’s head into mat. Clearly a very tough guy, Lawson wasn’t going to capitulate himself, but at the level the fighters are competing at, the bout should have been stopped earlier to prevent unnecessary damage.

Rounding out the professional bouts Jon Tomkinson def Victor Booty via Guillotine and Wayne Weaver grounded and pounded James Cochrane for the stoppage.

The bout between Ashleigh Grimshaw and Darren Russell never happened on account of Russell withdrawing from the fight post weigh-in.

CFC 5 “Sudden Impact” Full Results

Professional Rules
Karlos Vemola def Markus Hipp via G&P 0:15 R1
Rodney Glunder def Arnoldas Joknys via G&P 2:47 R1
Yasubey Enomoto def Henrique Santana via Unanimous Decision 5:00 R3
Jack Mason def Darren Guisha via Guillotine 2:45 R2
Jon Tomkinson def Victor Booty via Guillotine 0:49 R1
Scott Jansen def Lee Livesly via G&P 0:11 R1
Ashleigh Snart def Deano Durant via Arm Triangle 3:02 R2
Ronnie Slater def Danny Lawson via G&P 2:30 R2
Ashleigh Grimshaw vs Darren Russell (NC – Russell withdrew pre-fight)
Radek Piechnic def Mali Richardson via G&P 1:14 R1
Tommy Maguire def Mark Harrison via Unanimous Decision 5:00 R3
Wayne Weaver def James Cochrane via G&P 0:46 R1

Amateur Rules
Steve Moulton def Sam Mills via Guillotine 0:15 R1
Carl Kinslow def Rolandos Cizauskas via G&P 2:23 R2
Shane Omar def Nester Marley via G&P 0:26 R2
James Knight def Simon Marsh via Unanimous Decision 4:00 R2
Jamal Abdallah def Andy Hall via Guillotine 0:52 R2
Mick Hall def Terry Montgomery via Armbar 2:07 R1