Forrest Griffin Already Back In The Gym

“If the worst thing that happens to Gina (Carano) or Forrest (Griffin) is they lose a fight, they’re doing pretty damn good.”

Such are the words of the namesake of Carano and Griffin’s training gym, Xtreme Couture, former UFC champion Randy Couture.

“It’s all part of the process. I don’t think there’s anything negative there,” said Couture during a media call on Tuesday to promotion his upcoming fight at UFC 102 with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

“Obviously, Forrest was very emotional in the cage when he lost to Anderson (Silva), but I think that’s because he works so damn hard, and like everybody, we all hate to lose. He’s been back in the gym already. I saw him (Monday) here and he’s back to training.”

With a professional record of 16-9, Couture has been through the ups and downs of mixed martial arts many times. It all comes with the territory if you want to be a professional athlete, he says.

“I don’t necessarily see that as a negative. It’s all part of the learning and growing process,” Couture pontificated.

“The same thing for Gina. Obviously she was a little embarrassed by the outcome (in losing to Cris Cyborg), but overall she did a great job in that fight. She had some opportunities to win and she did some good things. She did some things we trained to do.

“I think the adversity of losing that fight is going to be very, very important for her development as a fighter.

“I know from my own experience, the fights that I’ve lost were very important to me, and if I could go back and change them, I don’t think I would. I think I learned more and became a better person and a better athlete for having experienced those things.

“And I know Gina and Forrest are both in that same boat.”