Former WWE Wrester Ryback Wants to Fight for Bellator

September 27, 2016

Ryback, a former WWE intercontinental champion who once wrestled CM Punk for the WWE championship, is looking to make a jump from the squared circle to Bellator’s Hexagon. Or Polygon. Or whateveragon.

Ryback is nearly 300 pounds of solid muscle and enjoyed upper mid-card booking in the WWE before his push stalled and he found himself in the opening match of WrestleMania this year, fighting in front of a mostly empty AT&T stadium.

Ryback left the WWE this summer, unhappy with his push, to take independent bookings. He has teased joining TNA and now Bellator.

Ryback was not exactly the most fluid professional wrestler. He was good at body slamming his opponents and knocking them down, but his character was reminiscent of Bill Goldberg’s; he was a big guy who was limited in the ring, but could throw other guys around. His matches rarely lasted more than 15 minutes. In Bellator, as a special attraction, he could certainly draw money, but don’t blink or expect his fights to get out of the first round.

Here he is throwing around John Cena.

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