There has always been talk about the Pro Wrestling industry invading the MMA industry. The first shot may be fired in December.

Zach Arnold has an article on his puroresupower website that the building formerly known as the ECW Arena in Philadelphia has a listing for an MMA show that is booked on 12/3. The name of the show is “Mixed Martial Arts Competition II.” The interesting part about it is this week there has been talk of WWE employee Paul Heyman starting his own MMA promotion. This would coincide with this story.

If you read today’s Bennett Breakdown, MMAWeekly’s Ryan Bennett talked about this story. “It’s been interesting to see this story gain momentum in the past week. It sounds like Paul Heyman, formerly of ECW fame and has done stuff for the WWE, is interested in starting his own MMA organization. I guess Heyman’s WWE contract expires at the end of December. Dave Meltzer talked about how he has been closely studying the MMA industry, while the P.W.Torch, a pro wrestling insider publication said quote, “Paul believes he has the next big concept that will revolutionize the industry a second time, just as he did in the late-90’s with ECW.”

Heyman will have to get sanctioned in the state of Nevada or New Jersey to become a major player, which may or may not be difficult with his pro wrestling background. The other thing is if he wants to “revolutionize” MMA, then he better have deep pockets to do so. It’s going to take a ton of money from any organization to compete with the UFC at this stage of the game. He didn’t have enough money in ECW to compete with the WWE back in the 90’s. He will have a similar hill to climb if he wants to compete with the UFC who now has a TV deal, PPV numbers, and tons of new fans.

Either way it appears that an mma show is scheduled at the former pro wrestling arena called “Mixed Martial Arts Competition II” and it’s supposed to happen on December 3rd. MMAWeekly.com will have more on this story later in the week.