Former “Ultimate Fighter” Competitor Dean Amasinger Continues His Road Back at Ultimate Challenge

February 4, 2011

Dean Amasinger

Dean Amasinger

Dean Amasinger is facing one of the toughest fights of his career this weekend as he is set to square off against dual-promotion champion John Maguire at Ultimate Challenge.

“I think this is the biggest fight domestically at welterweight, its been on the cards for a while, John and I always knew it was gonna happen and I am proud be the sharing the main event with him,” Amasinger told

Coming into the bout off a very hard-fought return to competition – where he had to deal with concerns about his healing, ring-rust and his gas tank; Amasinger now has a clear head and momentum on his side.

“I think it was good for me to go 3 hard rounds with Jamaine Facey, I think it was better than getting a quick win because even though my arm was 100% in training, fighting is totally different and I had to overcome that mental hurdle. I have no apprehension now and it’s been a long camp,” said Amasinger.

Cobwebs blown away, questions answered about his health and a training camp that continued pretty much straight after his last fight, he now just wants to glove up and get in there.

“Training has been going really good, I didn’t take much time off after the last one and got straight back into it, luckily people around me have fights as well so loads of guys were training over Christmas and New Year – I have missed out on a proper New Year for the 3 years and because of that my weight hasn’t increased as I couldn’t indulge,” the former “Ultimate Fighter” competitor stated.

Maguire is known for being a game fighter, not so much with his striking offence, but more with his suffocating wrestling and strong positional control, he is also a keen submission fighter content to work from top position or his back, Amasinger believes that the two will have a similar set of tools come fight night.

“We’re both well-rounded, we’ve got standup and are good wrestlers which are our strong points, but I think I edge him everywhere,” he said. “I don’t think there is a single area that I have to avoid in the gameplan, if anything, I think I will be more powerful, explosive and quicker than him”

Amasinger’s comments about power are interesting, considering that Maguire cut his teeth as a middleweight, going 10-2 in the process.

“I know he is used to being the smaller guy in a fight, but I think that punch for punch and in the clinch I will be stronger. The thing is that when you have similar skillsets, Strength can be a deciding factor. My focus for this camp has been more conditioning circuits and I feel that I can sustain my peak power full the full three rounds if I need to,” Amasinger commented.

Considering that this will be Amasinger’s second fight back from injury, he plans on making a big impression to lift the title, he knows that he made white-glove mistakes in his return bout but with those errors firmly behind him, he comes into this encounter with a new training ethic.

“Training with Victor Estima has been fantastic, I have progressed so much since the last fight by putting myself in situations where I am outside of my comfort zone so I am not concerned about sweeps and submission setups, most of my work has been worst case scenario stuff,” said Amasinger.

“Until we actually fight, it’s hard to say how things will play out as I feel we are very close, but I have had my eyes opened to some new techniques in the last 6 months and can’t wait to put my game into play”