Former UFC fighter Cindy Dandois reportedly attacked by ex-boyfriend

Former UFC and Invicta FC fighter Cindy Dandois was recently attacked outside of her home by her ex-boyfriend, resulting in a broken nose and the need for several stitches. 

Dandois told Het Laatste Nieuws that her ex-boyfriend waited in hiding outside of her home in Antwerp, Belgium, then attacked when she came outside. Witnesses said that he used a key during the attack, which resulted in lacerations across Dandois’s face. 

Dandois told the newspaper that the man had frequently threatened her, but that she never took it seriously.

“He did not accept that I want to move on and just stay friends,” Dandois said. “It’s jealousy. He threatened me all the time, but I never took his threats seriously. Until he comes to my door.

“I was not prepared for the attack at all. Before I knew it, I got slapped in the face. My nose is broken and crooked. There is also a deep cut that was stitched with seven stitches. It will be a scar for life. Hopefully, they will be able to straighten my nose again. I should have taken the threats seriously from the beginning, but always hoped that he would cool down. Not so. ”

Dandois was supposed to have fought this weekend, but the attack forced her out of the bout. She is hoping to be ready in a few weeks to return to her fight career.

Despite suffering a broken nose and needing several stitches, Dandois is not pressing charges against her attacker other than to ask that he pay for her medical costs.

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“I’d be very happy if he had to pay for the financial costs,” she said. “I don’t need to send him to prison. We are all people. We all make mistakes. I hope he sees them, pays for what he has done and picks up his life again.”

Dandois has fought for most of the major promotions around the world, including the UFC, Bellator, and Invicta FC. Her professional record currently stands at 15-5, having gone 3-1 in 2019.