Former UFC fighter Angela Magana in coma after complications from emergency surgery

April 17, 2019

Former UFC fighter and current Combate Americas athlete Angela Magana remains in a coma following emergency surgery in Puerto Rico.

Members of Magana’s team revealed the news after she was forced into surgery following severe back pain that ultimately forced her out of her upcoming Combate Americas debut on April 26.

“What happened to Angela, she herniated a disc while training for fight, she went for a nerve block to continue training. Nerve block caused a rare neurological disorder, cauda equina, rushed to emergency nuero surgery and hasn’t woken since surgery this AM currently in a coma,” Magana’s team wrote on her Twitter account following the surgery.

“Angela still unresponsive I will be here in the ICU at hospital as nuero team works on this. Remember life is so short and can change in a blink of an eye!”

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, cauda equina is a condition that happens “when the nerve roots of the cauda equina are compressed and disrupt motor and sensory function to the lower extremities and bladder. Patients with this syndrome are often admitted to the hospital as a medical emergency. CES can lead to incontinence and even permanent paralysis”

According to her team, Magana was suffering from a herniated disc in her back, which then led to the bout of cauda equina that forced her to undergo emergency surgery.

Following news of Magana’s hospitalization, a spokesperson from Combate Americas released the following statement:

“We are closely following the progress of Angela Magana who is currently in a coma following complications from emergency surgery. Our team is in direct contact with her coach.  Angela is a true fighter, and we are staying positive that she will fight her way out of this.”

Magana currently resides in Puerto Rico along with her children where she has been training for her upcoming Combate Americas debut.

Members of her team are providing constant updates via her Twitter account as Magana continues to receive treatment after slipping into the coma this week.